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Coaches Corner

2020-21 Georgia Lookouts  16U AAA Coaching Staff

Coach Barnes

Head Coach

5 Questions with Coach Barnes

Q:How long have you coached BB? Have you ever played BB or any other sport? Position(s)?

A:15 years coaching (4-18) year old boys. No other sport.....just baseball! There is no need to! Baseball is the best ! (laughter) I’ve played Short Stop, Center Field, Pitcher, and Catcher.


Q:What is one thing about working with the GL team brings you the most excitement?

A:Being able to work with the boys to help them learn the game of baseball and other life lessons that they transfer into their everyday life as they grow. I envision the 'bases' on the field like life..each base is a new journey in life.


Q:As a coach, what attribute do you seek to instill in current and future participants of the GL baseball club?

A:Discipline. Without it you can’t do anything. You must have perseverance. its hard to move forward from adversity without structure you wont be able to perform to your ability ..proper routine creates structure.


Q:Which of the five Georgia Lookout core values speak to your heart the most and why?

A:Accountability. Growing up I was taught to be hold up your responsibility ...which includes your actions. You grow as an individual into a better man, a better son ..just better for your community overall. I seek to instill this within our players and future club members. I always like to say, "This baseball club is bigger than JUST baseball!"


Q:What is or was your favorite player in BB? Any reason why?

A:I would have to say Darryl Strawberry ..I would always try to emulate his batting style and just his love for the game. Im guessing that my watching games of him payed off I had the opportunity to be drafted by The Redbirds Team in Louisville Kentucky coming out of college. I would never forget that moment. although life had a different path. That moment alone (next to the birth of my son) was priceless!

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