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Sponsorships and Donations

The Georgia Lookouts Baseball Club value and appreciate all and any donation(s) made to our organization. It is with great care that with ALL monetary funds received they are not only accounted for, but are also dispersed and used towards the following (yet are not limited to)  listed below respectively. The Georgia Lookouts Baseball Club Board of Directors discuss, analyze, and approve each and every cost necessary for the success of the team. 

We are currently seeking 501(c) 3 status for the baseball club; all future donations received will be tax deductible. 

  1. Uniform Purchases (New and Replacement)

  2. Equipment (ie: balls, safety gear,etc.)

  3. Tournament / Instructional Practice Fees (ie: batting cages, fielding instructors,etc.)

  4. Travel Costs (Out of State Tourney games, lodging, etc. for Travel Team participants)

  5. Income based Scholarships for Incoming and Transitioning players

  6. Baseball Camps Fees (ie: Atlanta Braves, Chattanooga Lookouts, etc.)

  7. Community Give Back Events 

  8. Fundraising Galas, Banquets, and/or Events


We thank you for your support and dedication to our team! 




The Georgia Lookouts Baseball Club


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