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Welcome to the Georgia Lookouts Baseball Page!

We thank you for visiting our club page. Here you will discover the many facets and attributes that make us a WINNING team in the field of USSSA and Triple Crown travel baseball!.

About Us:

The Georgia Lookouts Baseball  Club was developed  in the Fall of 2015, yet officially recognized and accepted  also as a team  by the USSSA and Triple Crown associations in January 2016.  The mission  of  the Georgia Lookouts Baseball  Club is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for  boys  aged  11-14 years to be aided in discovering the power of  giving back to their communities, positive mentorship, scholastic achievement, and other commendatory qualities all  awhile  learning  and enjoying  the game and  skill of  baseball. The Georgia Lookouts baseball club prides itself in incorporating   (5) MAIN core values  that are taught and exhibited  by each  participating  player and  our  administration. 

Core Values:


We come together unified to be committed   to one another as a team and seek to exhibit the acts of accountability and support, which are demonstrated by our coaches, our participants, and their families as well.




We aim to showcase this quality in all that we do. Collectively as a team it is imperative that we not only teach the athletics of baseball, but also continue to understand that the act of competition involves being fair , respectful, and congratulatory to our teammates and other team s no matter the outcome of a game.


We recognize that the game of baseball is one of strategy. The Georgia Lookouts provide practices, learning camps, exercises, and games which all surround the importance of keeping one’s focus on a goal or a dream that one wants to achieve not only in the game but in life as a whole.



We continue to embrace the love of baseball by the statue of remaining positive in all that we say and do. It is with great honor that we as a club display this value paired with professionalism in the manner to which we speak, think, and act via all levels whether present on the field or off.


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